I am Vincek aka Hogs aka Eugene
My passions: graff since 96, girls since forever and anal-og photography since aprox 2013.
Graffs I am now doing for more than half of my life (since 96) but it was always just a hobby. It was never the life style for me and I always try to have some different interests than only graffz. Also I prefer to be long term runner in graff rather than be number one player for few years and then you are gone.
Eventhough I am not active nowadays that much I still love it a lot. Big up to my crewboys from RNR!!!!
In terms of analog photography i prefer point and shot style and I am trying to collect some interesting cameras in this range. I would say my current collection is not huge but not either small. All cameras i have i am trying to use as much as possible but for sure some I prefer more than the others. Cameras I am using the most are: Nikon 35ti, Mju ii, Ricoh GR1, Yashica T3, Fuji GA645 (medium format camera), Leica Minilux Zoom and Yashica Samurai X3 (half frame SLR 35mm). Bes I am also big fan of insta photography, therefor I am using also a lot Fuji Instax Mini, Fuji Instax Wide and Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 2.
For the last interest: pussies, I guess nothing to be explained here….I just love to fuck a lot and hard :))))